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General Rules for the Game of Darts

Part I - Darts for Beginners

by Grace Given
March 2008

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Darts is a popular sport played in pubs around the world. Like all sports, it requires skill, consistency, and dedication.

You might have a brew to wet your whistle, but save the serious drinking for the victory celebration. Otherwise you may find yourself crying in your beer.

The most popular dart game is 01 ( oh one). The title refers to the starting points of the game. Typically, players start the game with 301 or 601 points. In tournaments and when playing teams or partners, games can begin at 801 or 1001.

If you never played darts, you will be happy to know you can get started without investing a small fortune. If you are playing at a pub, all you really need is a set of three darts.

A typical dartboard consists of alternating black and white pie wedges and three narrow rings, colored red and green, created by sets of parallel wires. The pie wedges are numbered one through twenty. The outer ring is the double ring, the center ring is the triple ring and at the middle of the board, two wires create the bull's eye and the double bull.

This list of rules is very basic. Remember, darts is heavily influenced by house rules. Each place you go may have a slightly different set of rules. Get to know them before you throw the first dart.

"You might have a brew to wet your whistle, but save the serious drinking for the victory celebration. Otherwise you may find yourself crying in your beer."

Dart Rules
The board hangs flush to the wall.
The number 20 is the top of the board.
The bull's eye height is 68 in. from the floor.
The toe line is 7ft. 9.25in. from the face of the board.
Each player throws three darts.
All darts are retrieved before the next player throws.
Darts that don't stick or land outside the double ring do not count.
Each dart earns the score of the pie wedge it sticks in. This score is doubled or tripled if indicated.
Bull's eye scores 25 and double bull scores 50.
To win the game you must reach 0 exactly and the last dart must score a double.

Tips for Throwing Darts
Find a firm comfortable stance with both feet flat on the ground.
Keep your weight evenly distributed to avoid back and knee pain.
Raise your throwing arm till your upper arm is parallel to the floor.
Hold the dart as level as possible.
Grip the dart lightly between thumb and fingers.
Using only the motion of the forearm and wrist launch the dart.
Thumb and fingers should leave the dart at the same time.
Follow through.
Have fun.

Part II - More In Depth Darts Throwing Skills


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