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Dart Reviews - Why Play Darts?

Review 1: The game of darts is easier than you think

"The learning curve for darts doesn't seem as steep as other sports or recreational games can be, which makes it fun faster than you think."

by Rebecca in Massachusetts, USA
March 11, 2008

The first time I played darts, it felt as if I was holding a heavy pencil, and I had no control over it's direction once the dart left my hand. I would thow it, hit the backboard, and miss the actual target every time. By game 2, my dart throwing skills had progressed to getting onto the dart board, with a random bullseye for every 20-30 throws down the throw line.

So, the learning curve for darts doesn't seem as steep as other sports or recreational games can be, which makes the fun come faster. So, in a short period of time, you won't be making a total fool of yourself. And, with just a little practice (read - head to the dart board throw line for 15 minutes/day for a week, and you should be ready to hold your own), your darts game won't be so shameful. Warning: you may even impress your friends. You can always leave the scoring up to the electronic dart boards, unless you are into old-school bristle . To really impress, invest in a dart case with your name embroidered on it. And of course - the great side benefit is to win the biggest carnival prize (picture a 6 foot pink panther stuffed animal) for popping those balloons with your killer throwing skills! If you have kids, that could cause them to brag about you for the first time in a while. But they may ask you to buy something for them to learn how you did it, so go with the magnetic dart boards - the non-poke-your-eyes-out version of darts that is safe for kids.

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