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Dart Games - Nine Lives

by Patricia Gilliam
March 2008

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2) Nine Lives (Originally for 3 Players but Can Include More)

This is a variation of "Around the Clock." Basically each player starts out with 3 lives (where the "nine lives" comes from with three players). Players take turns trying to get around the clock (hitting 1-20 in order), but they lose a life each time they miss hitting their target number during a round. The person who lasts the longest wins.

3) Cricket (Simple Version; Without Points)

This is one of the most popular dart games in America. A scoreboard is made with the numbers 20 through 15 and bullseye in descending order down the center of the board, plus a "B" to stand for bullseye. The goal of the game is to "close" these numbers and bullseye before your opponent.

Throwing three darts each turn, players close numbers by hitting any number (15,16,17,18,19, 20, or bullseye) 3 times. The large sections are singles, the outer thin ring counts as x2, and the inner thin ring counts as x3. The inner bullseye counts x2 as well. You indicate scores on the board by a slash (/) next to the number scored once, "X" for scored twice, and then circle the X if the number is closed. Once you have masted this, be sure to look into the points-based version of the game.

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