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Free Online Darts Games

Choose from one of two free online dart games to try your skills either before you buy a real dart board, or to simply relax and rest those brain cells for a bit. They are both decent video games, and offer a little online escape that simulates a real darts game - sounds and all! We had our friend "Fun Seeker", also our dartboardsandgames.com blog author, review each game for us.

Dart Video Game - Cricket - 501 - Baseball - Fun Seeker Review: Best online darts game by far, sponsored by the makers of Eclipse gum, so lots of money paid to a company called Fuel to develop this top notch darts video game. Sound effects include people talking in the background, cheering you on or saying "Awwww" when you miss. Almost like being in a pub without the brew. Even the virtual chalk darts scoreboard keeps track of your score. 1 - 4 players can take turns.

Online Dart Game - 501 - Fun Seeker Review: Free, so you can't beat the price. Decent graphics. Good sound effects. Hand drawn looking darts, and wish I had better control of the mouse drag and click action to aim easier. This dart game uses a shockwave plug in.

Online Dart Games - 501 and 301 - Fun Seeker Review: play either 501 or 301 darts game, choose your level, and the computer plays your opponent. More realistic looking dartboard. Great dart control and sound effects.

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